Health benefits

The unglazed earthen pots retain the high nutritional value of the food. These earthen pots are free from lead and aluminium that gives the metallic taste to the food. Clay pots are alkaline in nature and balance the pH factor of the food. It also augments the flavours and tastes besides making the food more delicious and lip smacking.

Traditional Indian Biryanis and gravies prepared and cooked by us on slow flames in earthen pots enhance the quality and flavours of the food cooked in them.

Moreover, since we use fresh ingredients and cold pressed peanut oil to cook the food in earthen pots it is easy for digestion and does not trigger acidity on consumption of food.

Environmental benefits

We provide food in reusable earthen pots which may be reused by you at home for cooking food. However, if you do not wish to cook food in the earthen pots either you may use it for planting plants or throw it away which will get disposed easily since it's made of clay which makes it environment-friendly.
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